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With the Technology Development Promotion Law enacted in 1991, KOITA was assigned to certify the establishment of the industrial R&D centers in Korea.

This has been the major contribution for the industry in putting a heavy emphasis on the R&D activities, leading a huge increment in the number of industrial R&D centers. Benefited from several incentives such as the likes of taxation exemption, tariff reduction and the military service exemption for their own R&D personnel through this special law, together with an increased awareness on the R&D, growth in industrial R&D institutes has become the driving force to put Korea as R&D powerhouse globally.

In the center stands KOITA which has become the umbrella organization intermediating the government and the industry. As such, KOITA's role to support industrial technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Science and Technology has borne the remarkable results as below.