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  • CTO Club

    Comprised of chief technology officers of large companies, the CTO club exchanges
    ideas and formulates stances on technology issues

  • NET Club

    NET Club members are recipients of the NET Mark.
    Members exchange the latest technology information, develop business cooperation and engage in mutually beneficial activties.

  • R&D Directors' Council

    Gathering of R&D directors around the country. Exchanges technology development-related information and engages in overseas benchmarking.

  • Yeongnam R&D Directors' Council

    Gathering of R&D directors in Yeongnam (southeast Korea) region. Reinforces technological competitiveness through mutual cooperation, shared technological development, etc.

  • Daejeon-Chungcheong Chief Technology Officers' Club

    Gathering of CEO, R&D directors and executives in charge of technology in Daejeon and Chungcheong (Central Korea) region. Exchanges technology development information and technology innovation-related opinions.

  • STL Club

    The STL club seeks to utilize the accumulated experiences and skills of retired technology specialists.

  • Technology Management Executives' Meeting

    Gathering of management executives of R&D centers of large enterprises. Exchanges technology management information and performs cases studies on domestic companies.