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On-line Service

KOITA is a vanguard leader when it comes to information offering. A broad coverage on several R&D issues has made KOITA create and run various websites, which keep R&D personnel and industry informed of the latest developments.

As such, information offering through the Internet has given KOITA leverage to become nation's powerful coordinating organization for R&D. Fortified through website building, KOITA runs websites as followings:

  • Website for IR52 Jang Young Shil Award, where the information on the award and virtual exhibition of the awarded products are displayed.
  • Site for NET (New Excellent Technology) Mark. Information on the Mark is listed.
  • Job link site for R&D researchers
  • Site for R&D education personnel
  • Site for Senior Technology Leaders
  • Site for R&D Clusters operated by KOITA
  • Site for The Korean Society for Technology Management & Economics
  • Site for Technical Research Personnel