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With the belief of technological competitiveness is the source of the economic growth of the country since its founding in 1979, the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) has been undertaking the leading role in creating a conducive environment for technological innovation through supporting the establishment and operation of enterprise institutes, developing policies on industrial technology support, and disseminating and expanding advanced technology management. Moreover, the association has been making efforts to strengthen the will and drive to develop technology through awards such as the "IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award," "Engineer of the Month Award," "New Technology Certification," etc.

Due to such efforts, the number of corporate R&D centers has reached 30,000 in the past three decades and the association has emerged as the central hub of national technological innovation through securing 70% of R&D investments in the country. With such achievements, the association is proud to state that it made a significant contribution to the opening of the era of 20 thousand dollar national income per head and 1 trillion dollar trade.

Today, domestic enterprises are at a turning point in pursuing qualitative growth based on quantitative growth achieved in the past. Internally, they have to deal with issues such as low birth rate, aging population, and social conflicts; externally, they need to secure a new growth engine by overcoming the fierce competition among competing companies. To achieve such, they should discard the existing scale-oriented competition strategies and create new values based on innovation and creativity. The concentration of technological capacity through opening, cooperation, and change is important now more than any other time.

Accordingly, the role of KOITA as a hub of technological innovation networks is believed to be of great importance. The association will exert its best efforts to connect main agents for individual technological innovation and foster cooperation among them. The association will draw an effective and concrete solution for industry-academe-institute cooperation and proactively respond to social demands such as win-win growth, etc., by further vitalizing the networks of small & medium businesses and large enterprises.

For the past three decades, the association has accumulated experiences and wisdom as a core agency in technological innovation. It will take the lead in innovation with future-oriented attitude and positive mindset based on three principles: human-oriented, site-oriented, and demand-oriented. All these bespeak of the association’s commitment to contribute to the national economy and social development.

We, staffs of KOITA, humbly ask for your interest and support so that we may continue to perform our mission of preparing for tomorrow and leading the future as a partner in industrial technology innovation and continuous development.

Thank you very much.