Industrial Technology Policy Support

Providing recommendations on existing industrial R&D policy issues such as the range of research-related materials that are tax-exempted

Participating in policy revision of the regulatory environment affecting science and technology

Conceptualizing and forming joint R&D projects between industry and academia


Education and Training

Conducting orientation courses for project leaders in order to enhance the qualifications of R&D personnel

Providing the Management of Technology (MOT) course for professional R&D managers

Instituting joint technological educational seminars on specific areas such as surface analyses and analyses of organic/inorganic substances in conjunction with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Holding specialized seminars for technology executives such as “R&D Forum” and “R&D Executives Summer Seminar”

Delivering on-line, real-time educational programs for R&D personnel through the Technology Management Education Center

Operating an on-line recruitment site especially for R&D personnel (www.rndjob.com)


Industrial R&D Support

Supporting the establishment of corporate R&D centers

Contributing to the formation of R&D clusters

Assisting the process of technology commercialization through the allocation of governmental funding

Organizing periodic meetings between CTOs, R&D directors and R&D managers to share opinions and information on trends in industrial technology and R&D

Recommending to the government awardees for the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award, Techno-CEO Award, and the Engineers of the Month Award as well as recipients of the NET Mark


Dissemination of Information

KOITA serves as a leading provider of information in the field of industrial technology and R&D

Major Publications
- Technology Management (monthly)
- Major Indicators of Industrial Technology (annual)
- White Paper on Industrial R&D of Korea (annual)
- Directory of Industrial R&D Laboratories in Korea (biannual)
- Key Statistics in Korean Science and Technology (annual)
- Laws and Regulations Supporting Technological Innovation (annual)
- Best Practices of Advanced Technology Management (monthly)
- R&D Management Manual (biannual)
- Manuals on tax issues, tariffs and governmental funding related to R&D (biannual)
- Translated overseas materials on R&D (occasional)
On-line Information
- Total R&D information service (www.koita.or.kr)
- Job link site for outstanding R&D personnel (www.rndjob.com)
- Virtual Internet exhibition on the latest technologies and products (www.IR52.com)
- Official site for NET Mark (www.netmark.or.kr)
- Official site of the Korean Society for Technology Management and Economics (www.technology.or.kr)
- R&D Cluster Support Corps (www.rndcluster.net)
- Senior Technical Leaders’ Club (www.stl.or.kr)


Survey & Research

KOITA undertakes surveys and research projects throughout the year to provide both objective information to government and industry and postulate hypotheses on the direction and impact of industrial research and development. Below are some of the areas on which these surveys have focused.



Awards & Exhibitions

KOITA acknowledges R&D professionals who have achieved technological breakthroughs in creating new value and possibilities with a prestigious series of awards. They include the IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award, Engineers of the Month Award and Techno-CEO Award. It also fosters and facilitates the delivery of outstanding new technologies by conferring on manufacturers the right to use the NET Mark on products that the Association has deemed appropriately innovative.

Techno-CEO of the Year Award
Initiated in 2002 in order to recognize CEOs from the fields of engineering and science for their contributions to corporate growth through successful scientific and technological development
Co-sponsored by the Korea Economic Daily and the Ministry of Education, Science Technology and awarded to two techno-CEOs - one from a small and medium enterprise and one from a large company - every year
IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award
Awarded weekly to acknowledge technologically outstanding accomplishments by individual companies
Presented by the Minister of Education, Science Technology
Recognized as Korea’s most prestigious industrial and technology-related award
Engineers of the Month Award
Established to raise the profile of individual technology professionals and to highlight their critical role in industry
Conferred upon two engineers by the Minister of Education, Science Technology each month, one being selected from an SME and the other from a large company, in six different categories: Electrical & Electronics; Information Technology (IT); Machinery; Chemicals and Biotechnology; Materials; and Construction & Environment
NET (New Excellent Technology) Mark Accreditation
Conferred upon highly acclaimed quality products that have been commercialized within the last two years, or commercialized after being transferred from a developer to a manufacturer within the last two years
NET Mark recipients benefit from the exhibition of their products at the Seoul Science Museum for an entire year
National Green Tech Award
Awarded the best green technology that would lead the low-carbon and green growth by field with great technological achievement and economical effect
Representative reward system by the government initiated to encourage the research institutes and companies to develop the green technology and let people share then importance of low-carbon green growth
The grand prize, the first prize and the participation award are named president award, prime minister award and minister award


International Cooperation

KOITA maintains close contacts with its overseas counterpart organizations. Major organizations include:

To promote cooperation between Korean companies and foreign ones, KOITA hosts foreign visitors from time to time, providing them with insights on where Korea's industry stands. Visitors include ambassadors, representatives, branch heads, leaders from international organizations and many others.

As KOITA's main role is to connect Korean industry with global partners in terms of R&D in Science and Technology, it puts main emphasis on intermediation and technology induction. For the purpose, KOITA organizes benchmarking program to highly acclaimed R&D institutes in Europe and the US, helping participants gain access to the latest technology development and advanced operating system.

Conducting international workshops on R&D management for developing countries is one of areas KOITA puts an emphasis on. Since 1994, KOITA has hosted the aforesaid workshop for the attendants from developing countries.